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Letter to the Editor: Dollars for Education are fine/But don't raise the gas tax

The Feb. 19 edition of the Salt Lake Tribune reported a story whose headline reads as follows. "Revenue forecast rosy as budgeting begins." Here are some of the facts the story presents. Utah lawmakers will have $101 million more to spend than projec...

Letter to the Editor: Keep roads open on the San Rafael

I am totally against closing any more roads on the San Rafael Swell. To close additional roads makes as much sense as swatting a mosquito with a sledge hammer.

Letter to the Editor: Utah's caucus system: A misnomer

The caucus system used in Utah to select party candidates rightfully belongs to the various parties individually, and not to the state. Thus, the misnomer.

Letter to the Editor: Become a donor

The word Superhero is often defined as 'a fictional character that has amazing powers (such as the ability to fly).' Another definition is 'a very heroic person.'

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